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Welcome to Rochelle Margucci’s Services. We have combined 30+ years of experience and are a full-service bookkeeping and tax preparation company. Located in West Sacramento, CA, we offer comprehensive solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, seniors, and families in the Greater Sacramento Area, San Francisco Bay Area, and Northern California. We are also able to provide quality remote accounting and cloud services to clients nationwide. Our expertise and budget-friendly rates can give many small businesses and non-profit organizations advantages enjoyed by much larger firms.

who we serve

We specialize in serving the following organizations, but our expertise is not limited only to these types of organizations.

Small to Midsize Business

You started your small business with a passion or an opportunity you carried through to realization.  It’s been a year or more, and you’ve learned a lot, and things are improving.  Then, there’s the financial side that wasn’t your strength, or you ran out of time to keep up with all the details.  Welcome to our specialty!  Our mission is to strengthen your financial position and empower your knowledge, in order to achieve strategic client goals.  We take the time to listen and help you look beyond today. 

Tax Preparation & Planning // Business Entity Selection // Profitability Analysis 
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Individuals, Seniors and Family

You work hard all year, and at the end of the year what do you have to show for it? Let’s provide services for you throughout the year so you can learn how to save money, build wealth, and decide what to focus on vs. what you can ignore.  We understand how overwhelming it can be with your job, rental property, aging parents, and so many decisions to make.  Tax filing can be much smoother with our approach, and we want to help you save time and money.

Rental Real Estate // Family Trusts
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Unfortunately, Non-Profits are often the victim of fraud by those they trust within the organization to take care of the money.  We have over 15 years of experience in taking care of Non-Profit organizations including Professional Organizations, Home Care Facilities, Social Welfare Organizations, Chambers of Commerce and more.  We provide accounting service, prepare tax returns, direct preparation and management of outside financial audits, provide CFO services, Manage Grants, and train Board of Directors.  Our specialties are tax preparation and budget preparation and review.

Profitability Analysis// Change to Tax Preparation (no planning)// Grant Management
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Tax guide to non-profit

Professional Clients

Professionals are also classified as small to midsize businesses, yet the needs are unique for this group.  Often starting as a sole proprietor, a professional has trained, graduated with specialized degrees, and passed tests to get where they are. Perhaps you started working with another professional and decided to go on your own and “hang your shingle.”  Next came support services, and possibly employees, and a flood of regulations, expenses, and options.  Rochelle Margucci and her team can bring you to the next level with our services.  From tax planning, legal entity selection, benefits available, accounting and just having an expert to listen to your concerns and find the best solutions to fit your needs.

Tax Preparation & Planning // Business Entity Selection // Profitability Analysis
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Why we love what we do

We are grateful to our many clients who have trusted us with taking their business to the next level

SOLUTIONS MANAGEMENT for your professional and personal taxes and accounting needs.
why choose us?

Save Time

Outsourcing your accounting & bookkeeping allows you to use your and your staff’s time more efficiently. We can give you more time to develop your business, speak to your members, or help the community

Clear Perspective

The daily operation of your organization demands your full attention, and often prevents you from fully comprehending your financial position. We will analyze, report, and interpret the financial condition and position of your organization in a clean and simple way.

Affordable Experience

Hiring an experienced in-house bookkeeper or accountant is an expensive prospect for small, mid-size businesses, individual,families,seniors and non-profit organizations.

SOLUTIONS MANAGEMENT for your professional and personal taxes and accounting needs.