Every year clients ask me what medical expenses are deductible and how they can claim such expenses on their returns. Unfortunately, as with many tax issues, there are many matters to consider when claiming medical expenses and often the final amount that can be claimed is very disappointing, especially when
In a previous blog, the the whole idea behind medical expense deductions and when to deduct and whose expenses to include was discussed. In this article, we’ll look more closely at specifically which expenses can and cannot actually be deducted. Only about 19% of taxpayers submitting an itemized returns claimed
If you think tax planning only happens in the spring, think again. Taxes are a year-round concern and there’s no better time than the present to plan for the future. Consider the following: Fall means the end of summer and summer camp for many kids. Did you know there’s a
With almost three-quarters of the year squarely behind us, now is a great time to assess your tax situation. Even though tax law changes are up in the air again this year, here are five moves, with the help of your tax professional, that you should consider right now. Five
Buying a home is the single most valuable investment most families make, and home ownership offers tax breaks that make it the foundation for your overall tax planning. While the majority of home buyers are no longer first-time buyers, the tax law provides numerous incentives to home ownership for everyone.