Taxes West Sacramento

If you’re a small business owner and tend to multi-task, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed come tax season. This might lead to costly mistakes that can make the IRS come knocking at your door. You can prevent such serious problems and, at the same time, offload a huge chunk of work by outsourcing your taxes in West Sacramento to an experienced professional. At Rochelle Margucci, EA, we offer the best bookkeeping and accounting services. As one of the top accounting firms, we get taxes done accurately, guaranteed.

DIY Taxes Vs. In-House Accountant Vs. Outsource/Virtual Accountant

Should you prepare your own taxes, hire someone in-house, or outsource tax services? Here’s a look at all the three options to help you decide the best choice for your small business.

DIY Taxes

The biggest selling point of opting to DIY your taxes is cost savings. You’ll save money because you’re not paying someone to do the work. In addition, you get to learn so much as you deal with credits, deductions, and more. You’ll need to research a lot which will help you understand more about taxes.

On the other hand, the greatest risk of DIY taxes is making errors, which can get you audited or penalized by the IRS. What’s more, it takes so much time to do it. You may also not understand what taxes you qualify for, especially the less common ones. As such, you can miss out on the deductions that can help maximize your tax situation.

In-House Accountant

With a professional in-house accountant, you can have confidence knowing your taxes will be filed properly and in time. However, doing taxes in-house can be very costly. That’s because hiring an experienced tax expert can impact your budget pretty fast.

Outsourced Accounting

Outsourcing tax services from one of the reputable bookkeeping agencies online enables you to access reliable expert tax services. Plus, it’s less expensive compared to employing an accountant. You also get detailed, accurate, and comprehensive services by outsourcing for a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house CPA.

Why Go With Our Services

We have the best freelance bookkeepers you can count on to assist you with your business tax preparation. Rest assured, we’ll create a financial strategy that’s kept updated throughout the year and not just tax season. As one of the most trusted bookkeeping agencies online, we’ll provide tax solutions that meet the particular needs of your business.

We also know how tax regulations apply to businesses in various industries. This uniquely positions us to determine the deductions that can be taken for your business and the tax breaks you qualify for. Moreover, we’ll advise you on tax-saving strategies that can ensure you keep more money in your pockets.

Comprehensive, Unbeaten Tax Services

Are you looking to find an accountant to handle your taxes in West Sacramento? We’re your go-to firm. At Rochelle Margucci, EA, we offer reliable and sound tax services. We’re widely experienced in taxes and can help your business avoid unnecessary penalties and reduce effective tax rates. Contact us to explore a custom bookkeeping solution: 916-372-8577.