For Individuals, Seniors and families (families/individual that has rental properties)

During tax season, clients are pouring in and your accounting firm has never worked so hard. But after the dust settles, there’s not as much work for long stretches of time. Discover how you can maximize your year-round profitability and improve client loyalty..

Business Property Tax

In recent years, the local tax collectors have put more focus on businesses, including non-profits, to ensure they are filing their property tax statements in a timely manner. Of course, it’s about collecting the tax revenue that your business may generate. Let’s ensure your inventory and fixed assets are reflected correctly on the balance sheet, and use those schedules to complete the tax form with any necessary updates.


Profitability Analysis

While juggling all of the tasks a business owner must remember, often there is little time left for profitability analysis. With some detailed systems, we can work to provide you analysis on what products are most profitable, provide industry averages for comparison, and recommend steps to improve your profit by category.


Income Tax Preparation

As an Enrolled Agent, Rochelle prepares your personal and business income tax returns in a timely manner. She keeps updated on the Federal, State, and Local legislation changes, and ensures her clients know how it affects them. She also participates in Continued Education to learn the latest resources and practices that will benefit her clients. We provide a secure portal to store your information, and send encrypted files for your records.



We prides ourselves on our abilities for seamless partnership with internal bookkeeping staff and controllers. We place a premium on using the knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the years to provide the highest quality service and ensure the well being of the businesses we serves.
-Rochelle Margucci , -Susan Wilson

Ultimate tax accounting, consulting and compliance services – for businesses and individuals!
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We are grateful to our many clients who have trusted us with taking their business to the next level

Ultimate tax accounting, consulting and compliance services – for businesses and individuals!