When should I get professional tax planning assistance?

We are available year-round for tax planning and encourage you to contact us BEFORE you make a financial decision that may affect your taxes.  As part our tax package, we meet with you during the year to address the following events:

  • Before the sale of property
  • Sale/exchange of stocks, bonds, mutual funds
  • Higher education for children
  • Marriage
  • Divorce or separation
  • Moving out of state
  • Change in employment status
  • Retirement
  • Death in family
  • Purchase of new home

What if I’m audited?

Rochelle Margucci, Enrolled Agent is able to represent you, whether audited by the IRS or Franchise Tax Board. She has years of experience representing clients to ensure they are treated fairly, and their rights are protected. Please contact us to discuss our rates and what to expect during an audit.

How long should I keep my financial records?

Receipts, cancelled checks and other documents that prove an item of income or a deduction appearing on your return should be kept for four years from the filing date. Some records should be kept indefinitely, such as property records.

How do I send my papers, receipts, invoices, bank deposits, and other documentation to you?

In our efforts to increase security for our clients and to reduce unnecessary paperwork, we have a secure portal we provide for our clients to send us any documents. We also have a encrypted system for you to receive your tax returns, and this includes the ability to securely sign documents electronically.

I haven’t had my books done for months…..or years….how do we catch up?

We understand when you may have a box of records that haven’t been touched since the business started. We have “rescue” accounting services available, please contact us (phone 916-372-8577 or fax 916-372-8568) for rates and an estimate on how long it would take to get you current.  Of course, once you’re current, we’d love to sign you up for a monthly contract to keep you up-to-date.


What if I get a letter from the IRS or the Franchise Tax Board that I don’t understand?

Contact us (phone 916-372-8577 or fax 916-372-8568) when you get any tax or accounting documents that you don’t understand from any tax agencies. We’ll help you understand what is needed and offer services to resolve any outstanding tax issues we can assist you with to get everything cleared up and current.

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